Two two tango.. Try this Italian Resto!

Location: La Porchetta, 3A Floor Bridge of Grand Indonesia, Jakarta – Indonesia

This is our menu:

Opening snack. Crispy and good tasty. Rate 5 from 5.

Chocolate Creamy. It is too sweet and less of chocolate flavour. Rate 2 from 5.

Mushroom Balls.  It tasty very good, i like to add it more with a mayo and spicy sauce! Rate 5 from 5.

Meatlovers. This is for you who loves meats. Rate 5 from 5.

Forcacoya Cheese. The super delicious cheese pizza. Rate 5 from 5.


Chicken Parmigiana. The fried chicken fillet with parmigiana sauce, french fries and salad. Rate 3 from 5.

Blended Chocolate. Rate 5 from 5.


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